This is the story of Patty Colletti and her fight to save her son Craig. Craig had a very rare blood disorder called Blackfan Diamond Syndrome, and his only hope of survival was a risky bone marrow transplant. He eventually got the transplant, but it didn't work. Craig died, surrounded by his family, in a Minneapolis hospital room.

This story shaped who I am as a photographer and a person. The pictures are good, but what I am most proud of is the relationship I still have with the Collettis. I miss Craig and think often about him. He taught me life lessons that no one else could. In some ways he was a typical happy, playful child. Yet what he endured gave him a perspective that few adults have, let alone a child of 10. He was a soulful, caring person who loved those around him and lived his brief time to the fullest. I will never forget Craig and his family.