East Liverpool, Ohio was once known as “The Pottery Capitol of America.” Hundreds of potteries lined its cobblestone streets over the last 150 years. That time is gone. The movement of manufacturing overseas decimated the once thriving Ohio River Valley town. It’s now a shell of what it once was. Only a hint of its glorious past remains.

“Resetting the Table” is a story about the revival of one small pottery in East Liverpool and the effect that’s had on those who work there.

Thanks to the Starbucks program, “Create Jobs for USA,” American Mug & Stein has a fighting chance. Starbucks is contracting with the tiny pottery to produce mugs for its “Indivisible” campaign. The goal of the program is to raise money and awareness, and help small businesses survive.

This project was a collaboration with a tight deadline. MediaStorm’s Director of Photography Rick Gershon and I spent four days shooting the piece. We then returned to New York to edit with producer Tim McLaughlin, who drove the piece to completion.

Resetting the Table

  • 2012
  • My Role: Director of Photography, Producer
  • Director of Photography: Rick Gershon
    Producer: Tim McLaughlin
    Producer: Rick Gershon
    Graphics: Joe Fuller
    Executive Producer: Brian Storm