WonderWork is a charitable organization that provides free surgeries for children in the poorest countries of the world. Blue Chalk traveled to India and documented the story of two sisters, both born blind, and followed them through the emotional process of receiving their surgeries and seeing for the first time. Working with a top-tier creative team including photographer Brent Stirton, cinematographer Robert Wilson, editor Greg Snider, music composer Tyler Strickland and executive producer Rob Finch, Blue Chalk created a short-form video in several different formats to support its fundraising efforts as well as a library of high-quality still images that WonderWork can use in printed direct mail pieces.

The two sisters, Sonia and Anita, are among 20 million children and adults that could have their eyesight restored through a 15-minute surgery that costs just $300, according to WonderWork. The video and stills documenting their story will support 20/20/20, a WonderWork charity that aims to bring 20/20 vision to the 20 million in need.

“This video of two sisters seeing for the first time will warm your heart.”

“Watching as the girls view their surroundings for the first time is unforgettable.”
Elite Daily

“Their reactions left us speechless.”
First to Know

“Of the charity’s many success stories, the saga of Sonia and Anita was captured by filmmakers in what may be the most beautiful three-and-half-minute video ever made.”
Mother Nature Network

“The moment when the bandages are removed is powerful beyond words.”
Viral Forest

First Sight: Sonia & Anita

  • 2014
  • My Role: Executive Producer
  • Co-Director: Brent Stirton/Getty Images
    Co-Director: Robert Wilson
    Editor: Greg Snider
    Music Composer: Tyler Strickland
    Motion Graphics: Drew Jordan
    Producer: Catherine Yrisarri