Oregonian photographers Jamie Francis and Bruce Ely spent a fair amount of their summer on the Columbia River and the tributaries that feed it. The explored what Lewis and Clark called, “The Great River of the West” from its confluence with the Snake River in Idaho all the way to the place it empties into the Pacific Ocean. Along the way they rode a barge through the locks, went over a waterfall, explored fields of new wind turbines and witnessed the epic journey salmon take each year. Together they shot over 80,000 still photographs and 15 hours of video footage.

My role was to edit it into some sort of cohesive experience. It was a challenge just to get my head around the footage. There was loads of compelling material. In the end, I tried to touch on elements of history, natural beauty, industry, recreation and the kind of spiritual relationship people in the Pacific Northwest have with the Columbia River.

Columbia River: Great River of The West

  • 2012
  • My Role: Editor
  • Photography: Bruce Ely
    Photography: Jamie Francis
    Original Score: Tyler Strickland